Why do we listen Sad Songs ?

Musicologists and philosophers have pondered about this. We spend most of our lives trying to be happy. Sad music can influence emotions. According to researchers experience depressed and sorrowful situation can make music pleasing or humored. Normally sadness is that feelings we usually try to evade, so that’s why we listen to heartbroken songs. There is diversion of music in all over the world. For instance, new generation generally prefer listen pop, rap, modern and stylish melody. In olden day’s music in only known for entertainment but as the time is changed and technology upgrading it has to reached at next level not only country through the states like: Punjab, Himachal, Keral and so on. It has made their names in these industry DjPunjab tracks, pahadi songs and Hindi songs have made their path in their own state. There are a number of companies in nowadays in music instead of hitting of movies.

Moreover, as the researchers study maximum film or artist are not remembering by us for their script, story, romance and action but by the musician. In cinema, music directors, composer, casting whole team are doing work day and night for selecting a songs. We need refrain for enjoyments express their own ideas and feelings to anyone. It is one of the founts which inspire an individual to live life to the fullest. Everyone should be connected to tunes at least today era any musical instrument must be there in the house whether it’s big or small. As India is developing country and piece is also increased day by day. Technology has reached on such peak and that’s why we are often amazed to think in dreams. Tech in sound has been advanced from last few years. In today it’s not only remain as a passion as well as it become a genesis of earning or income.

In spite of, we listen sad songs mostly when our mood is upset or when someone who is very special or close to the heart breaks our trust. By listening sad songs we often compare our situation with track. It is the companion of individual when they are alone. It touched direct to the heart. These are the messengers to convey our feelings toward others. In other words we can say that tune perceived to be sad induces romantic as well as unhappy emotions. But listening cheerless tracks the listener losses their own sadness. It is actually induces one’s heart feeling, emotions in a convinces manner. I think it’s truly said  old is gold Sounds was the one which has the meaning  but today music has only concerned with noise only traditional collections  are the evergreen tracks  and will always remain as they we concerned with reality. The pitch level of ancient number is so pleasant and it’s directly touched to our heart.

However, usually people listen sad songs because of love and discouragement in life. When any person thinking about that nobody love me and no one try to understand me then we are feeling alone and to be sad so that situation or time we are listen sad music. Listening to sad tracks provides them good company in their unhappy mood. Most of the time when we are depressed then lyrics of the sound automatically with our feelings. They should think that not me only the one’s in this situation, someone also have been tolerate or not comfortable somewhere. Just like other emotions, sadness also requires a safe corner to be free. It will not go unless you feel it and mind it off.  When we listen to sad songs, we can channelize our sad emotions.  We remember those upset and hard moments of our life cry by heart. This way we relief ease it and feel good better than before. So in a way, it is good to disclose all the negativity through the way of desolation. It is a temporary solution to improve our mood. People listen to Funeral sounds in different climate for change their own mood and try to be normal situation. There are so many singers and artist in cinema and television, who are especially known and famous as this thing. They are act like real hero. I am also love to listen sad songs sometime and my favorite singer is Sonu Nigam. I like very much of his each and every track whether sad and rock. But one of his song names Abhi mujh mein hai kahi from the movie agnipath and kal ho naaa ho title tune. Both numbers are very close to my heart.

In crux, now I just want to say that no doubt mr-jatt  sad songs can help us to regulate negative mood and emotions but it’s not good habitual. We can depend on this thing all time. When a any person listened to rock and pop sounds they feel good and always be happy but if we are listened funeral track we feel bored and depressed now it’s all depend upon us what we chose fir living happy and positive life.


Combination Of Pakistani And Punjabi Music

Pakistani music is very much similar to that of the Punjabi Music. There cannot be any second thoughts about this sentence. Before moving on to further with the topic, one should definitely understand that why this particular statement can be held as true.

Why Are These Two Similar By Nature?

Two things can only be similar if they belong from the same culture. It is the basic nature of the human kind that every different culture and community that they have formed among them have come up with their own style that makes them unique. These styles can be a form of painting, music, dance and etc. The Pakistani and Punjabi music can be termed as similar due to the fact that xnxx  is equally divided between India and Pakistan. Being two different countries definitely, cannot change the fact that the geographical features of both were similar and that they were once a whole.

The Various Forms That Proves This above Paragraph:

There are the various forms of music that can very efficiently prove that the above-mentioned paragraph by no means is wrong. The very first form that can prove this particular paragraph is that of the Punjabi Folk Music. This particular form of music can be heard in both of the areas equally. This particular form of music can definitely manage to steal one’s heart away with the warm nature of it. This particular form of music can be very much heart warming and thus forms the base of this two cultures.

Another form of music that though exactly cannot be termed as Punjabi yet has a lot of impact on this particular genre. This form is known as Sufi Music. Sufi was evolved from the Islamic culture and spread very fast throughout the world in various different forms. This music form is a kind that in India can be famously termed as Qawalli. The Qawalli is extremely famous form, yet Punjabi Sufism is the one that can be termed as the real one that is inspired by the Sufi music. This particular form of music is the one that can describe the inner as outer feelings of anyone in the most rhythmic way.

Similar Instruments Of Punjabi And Pakistani Music:

The Pakistani and Punjabi music forms are the two forms from different cultures yet similar languages. One can hardly differentiate the languages that a Pakistani and a Punjabi singer use. The type of music that the Pakistanis use is also very much similar to that of what the Punjabi musicians use. This form of music is generally very rustic and earthly.

The instruments used to create such music are also very similar. The very first can be the dhol. Dhol is an instrument which is famously used by both the Pakistanis and the Punjabis regularly in any way of expressing joy. The other instrument is the naghara. This is a bigger rather larger form of this dhol and has to be beaten with sticks to be played.

The combination of these two forms can create nothing except the similar form of music. The heart touching music that would result with the combination of these two should be very much appreciated.